"Mont d'Or" Fondue

Not suitable for pregnant women (cheese made with raw milk)

Ingredients you need to make this dish :

1 Mont d'Or (about 500 grs for 2 people).

1 Clove of garlic

White wine ("Roussette de Seyssel" recommended but maybe hard to find...)

Salt, Pepper


How to make it ?

Here are on this picture all the ingredients you need. Remove the plastic that covers the cheese but keep the cheese inside its wooden box (épicéa).

Cook the potatoes in a pressure cooker. Cover the whole wooden box with tinfoil as shown on the next picture.

With a tea spoon, from 1cm of the edge of the Mont d'Or, make a 1cm or 2cm depth hole. Keep the removed cheese.

Slice the clove of garlic as matches. Stick them into the cheese, Salt and pepper...

Set the oven at 180°C. When the cheese is creamy, pour the white wine in the hole you made previously and mix with a spoon. Let the cheese melt. It is ready when it is brown (not too much!). Slice the hot potatoes in your plate and serve the "Mont d'Or" on it. Put the cheese you had removed back into the wooden box and in the oven again.

Enjoy your meal!. I am sorry but I did not have the time to take a picture, it was so tasty!

Again, slice some hot potatoes in your plate and serve the Mont d'Or on it.

Advice : this dish is very good with a green salad and a glass of white wine.

Please do not forget to think of our friends the cows... They are so busy to graze that they forget to watch the cyclists that pass by them...

Some comments:

The Mont d'Or is made with raw cow milk. It is creamy. It is also called "Vacherin du Haut Doubs". Voilą une vache qui donnera du bon lait pour faire du bon fromage l'hiver prochain...

This cheese from Franche-Comté (an east of France region) exists since the XVi century in Haut Jura. At the beginning of the fall the herds go back into the cowsheds after they have spent the summer in mountains. Then Mont d'Or can be made. It is a seasonal cheese, only made in Franche-Comté...

A the end of the XVIII century, "Mont d'Or" production was important enough to be considered as main cheese-activity in the region. "Mont d'Or" was then described as "a creamy cheese because of its taste, its soft consistency".

The Mont d'Or is inside a épicéa bark and the whole thing in a woden box (fir or épicéa). It is refined in a cellar, on some épicéa planks. Il is turned and rubbed with slat water. The refined goes on in the wooden box for at least three weeks. Its rind becomes yellow and pleats. Inside, the cheese is white, soft, very creamy and a bit moist. Its smells fermantation a bit. You can also have it at the end of a meal with a tea spoon.

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